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Serving Ages 4 weeks-3 years


Our 2 year olds are following a structured schedule following our curriculum that includes center rotation, free play, circle time, story time, meaningful crafts, outdoor play etc. We are also full force into potty training!

Infant Stage 1:

These are our smallest babies - 4 weeks old through 6-8 months old. These babies are not yet mobile and enjoy tummy time, swings, bouncers, exersaucers and being fed to by the teachers.

Infant Stage 2:

These babies are on the move! They are crawling, climbing and/or walking. They are starting to feed themselves, drinking with a sippy cup, exploring through mobile play, and even learning to sleep on a cot!


Ages 16 months-24 months. This is the age where we begin to follow a daily schedule. We continue working on eating with utensils, getting a lot more outdoor gross motor play, and even start potty training if ready!

Little Kid Center

10212 Kings Hwy King George, VA 22485


Fax: 540-369-8897

Big kids

serving ages 3 -12 Years


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We offer before & after school care, serving all three elementary schools in King George. We serve breakfast before school and a snack after school.

For our students who are enrolled in before & after care, we also offer care on half days, teacher work days, and school breaks.

During the summer months we offer an exciting summer camp! Our students take 2-3 weekly field trips as well as in house field trips.

School Age

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big kid center

10057 Kings Hwy King George, VA 22485


Fax: 540-369-8897

Our 3-5 year olds participate in our preschool curriculum, Streamin 3's and Al's Pals.

They follow a structured schedule that includes the bulk of the curriculum in the morning time. They have breakfast, an am snack and lunch before a quiet/nap time. After quiet time they enjoy a pm snack and then another circle time and outdoor time.

We also service before and after care for pre-k students who attend VPI, Head Start, or the King George County Pre-School.

Pre-K students get to enjoy their first off campus field trips, usually with the pumpkin patch in the fall and the zoo in the spring!

We also bring in house field trips such as: The Children's Museum of Richmond, a petting zoo, a reptile program, Snowie's Snow Cones, a Magician, The Painted Tool, KG Fire Department, etc.

We also hold a Pre-K graduation at the conclusion of each school year for our graduates.

3-5 Years/Pre-K

Est. 2012

About us

Kid's Cottage Childcare Centers

Kid’s Cottage exists to provide safe, quality childcare for working parents/guardians in our community. Our main goal is to administer a comfortable and safe environment that focuses on the whole child, stimulating critical thinking skills, fine and gross motor skills, character education and to instill a lifelong love of learning.

​We have two childcare facilities located in beautiful King George, Virginia ( about .25 miles from each other on Kings Hwy.) Both centers are licensed and monitored through the Virginia Department of Education. We first opened our doors in 2012 and have been growing since. Our maximum capacity between both centers is 115 children.

Our centers are monitored 24/7 by ADT Security. All classrooms have 2 cameras each to cover the majority of angles. The front and back parking lots are covered as well as the playgrounds. While camera footage cannot be viewed remotely by parents at this time, it can be viewed as requested. Both owners can also view all cameras remotely at any time.


Our center uses Brightwheel to upload & store records, complete & sign parent forms, billing and online parent payments, and communicating with parents about your child's day.

Brightwheel also includes a messaging option - to your child's teacher or directly to center admin. The classroom teachers record the children's day for the family to see directly from their phone. Recordings include: pictures, meal times, naps, bathroom/diaper changes, activities, outdoor time, etc. Here are a couple examples of what you may see:




Two Years Old

3 Years Old (not potty trained)

3 Years Old (potty trained)

4-5 Years Old (Pre-K)

Before & After Care (School Age)

- $15 extra half/full days

Before & After Care (Pre-K)

School Age Summer Camp

Annual Registration Fee











"My oldest has attended both Kid’s Cottage locations (the Little Kids Center and Big Kids Center), and my youngest attends the Little Kids Center as well. Both centers are absolutely amazing, with phenomenal staff members who truly care about the children, and keep parents updated throughout the day. Both of my children have learned so much from their teachers, and love it when they get to spend the day with their teachers and friends. I highly recommend this daycare center as a fun, educational, and structured place with wonderful staff members to care for your kiddos!" ~BS

"I definitely would recommend KC. The teachers and staff are outstanding. The patience, love & care that they pour into my child is the reason we have always chosen them. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at his own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent." ~BR

"Kids Cottage is a wonderful place to work. They are extremely flexible and family oriented and the owners go above and beyond for their employees. Ashley and Katy have created a warm, loving environment where children are nurtured and loved. I highly recommend Kids Cottage as a place of employment if you love working with children or as a daycare for your child, if you're seeking a positive, learning environment for them." ~PJM

"My three children were in Kid’s Cottage from the time they first opened their door for several years. My daughter started at five weeks old! I felt confident knowing that she was in good hands when I returned to work. I highly recommend Kid’s Cottage to anyone seeking care for their children​." ~MJ



"Phenomenal staff that ardently cares about the children present! As a parent there is not a place that I would trust more to leave my kids!" ~ER

"Overall great environment! My baby girl has been enrolled for the last 2 years and we are very pleased!" ~TR

"Both of my kids attended Kids Cottage. My oldest started when he was 4 & my youngest when she was an infant. When we moved to King George I didn’t know anyone in childcare. The staff at the Kids Cottage became like family. They informed me of everything from the good days to the bad. Honestly, they spoiled my kids and I could tell that they spoiled them all. Ms. April will always hold a special place in my heart as she worked her magic on my son, who was going through some jealousy issues with our youngest when she was born. We don’t attend the Kids Cottage anymore due to going to school, but if you are looking for a place for your kids to feel loved, safe and a wonderful learning environment then Kids Cottage is the place." ~ DT

"Amazing staff. My son has been going there since he turned one he is now about to be 3 and has learned so much which makes me one proud mama. Kids cottage has earned my trust 100%" ~ SH

A Snapshot of STREAMin3

An innovative, engaging, and interactions-based curriculum model for children ages birth through preschool

STREAMin³ curriculum was developed by a CASTL team in collaboration with, and funding from, E3:Elevate Early Education at The New E3 School. STREAMin³ is grounded in developmental and early education research.

It focuses on 6 STREAM and 5 Core Skills to promote children’s development and early learning.

To increase accessibility to high quality curriculum, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) and the University of Virginia’s Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) now offer a low-to-no-cost curriculum option, STREAMin³, for all publicly funded birth-to-five classrooms. The curriculum provides a high-quality option for infant, toddler, preschool, and mixed-age classrooms. STREAMin³ includes training and professional development to support educators that choose to use the model in their programs.

Skills that prepare children for success in kindergarten and beyond

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